Heyday’s Membership Club

Directly Support the Publishing of Important and Beautiful Books

As a member, you’ll receive four of our top new releases, year-round savings on all other books, and invitations to special events with authors and other members of the Heyday community.

Benefits include:
– Get four new books sent to you every year
– Enjoy 30% savings on Heyday’s entire catalog
– Attend events and be the first to hear from our authors
– Support the creation of important and beautiful books
– Half of membership total is tax deductible

Past Member Events

Heyday is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; our EIN is 94-3268357. Half of each membership is tax deductible (with the other half covering goods received). If you have any questions, please contact members@heydaybooks.com or call (510) 549-3564 ext. 312.