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PO Box 9145
Berkeley, CA 94709 

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1808 San Pablo Avenue, Suite A
Berkeley, CA 94702

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Heyday is an independent, nonprofit publisher with a focus on California and the American West. We publish nonfiction books that explore history, celebrate Native cultural renewal, fight injustice, and honor nature. Take a look at our list of books to learn more about our areas of interest.

If you think that Heyday would be an appropriate publisher for your manuscript, send us a query or proposal by email to editor (at) heydaybooks (dot) com (please include “Heyday” in your subject line, or your proposal may be discarded), or by post to Heyday, P.O. Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709 (please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your submission materials returned). Our preference during the COVID-19 pandemic is for email submissions, which we are checking more frequently than submissions by post. Please include the following:

  • A cover letter introducing yourself and your qualifications.
  • A brief description of your project.
  • An annotated table of contents and list of illustrations (if any).
  • Notes on the audiences you are trying to reach and why your book will appeal to them.
  • A list of comparable titles and a brief description of the ways your book adds to the existing literature.
  • Estimates of your book’s expected length and your timeline for completing the writing.
  • A sample chapter.

We will do our best to respond to your query within twelve weeks of receiving it. No follow-up calls, please.

Do you publish books of fiction?

With occasional exceptions—particularly books that fit our Berkeley Roundhouse program—we do not publish fiction. In considering any Roundhouse submissions, we have a strong preference for Native voices.

Do you publish books of poetry?

No, we are not acquiring books of poetry at this time or for the foreseeable future.

Do you publish books of art and photography?

Heyday publishes some art and photography books that fit our mission. Because of high production and printing costs, publication requires outside funding, which the author is generally responsible for procuring. Please include information about funding sources and plans in your cover letter.

Do you publish children’s books?

Heyday occasionally publishes children’s books that fit our Berkeley Roundhouse program. Otherwise we are not currently acquiring children’s books outside of previously established series. In considering any Roundhouse submissions, we have a strong preference for Native voices.

Does my proposal need to be submitted by an agent?

We accept proposals from both agents and authors, and we do not give special preference to either.

Thank you for thinking of Heyday!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the health safety measures put in place to protect various distribution and delivery teams, deliveries may take longer than normal to reach you. 

Placing Orders: Things to Know

Please note: The following ordering instructions are only relevant to orders made through

All consumer support issues should be directed to

Orders from are fulfilled via our distributor through a portal called IndiePubs, that is: book orders through our website are not fulfilled via our office in Berkeley. All book orders are taken via Ingram Publishers Services and delivered to customers from their warehouse in Tennessee.

Please note: At this time IndiePubs cannot ship orders outside the United States and Canada. 

There are several shipping options when ordering: 

USPS Economy Mail Free

UPS® Ground

UPS 2nd Day Air®

UPS Next Day Air®

USPS Economy and UPS Ground typically takes 3-10 business days to arrive depending on your address.

Customers in California are likely to be on the higher number of days in terms of delivery time while customers in the Midwest and on the East Coast are on the lower end. 

Clicking “Buy from Heyday” on any book page on our site opens a new tab where you are taken to the cart view on IndiePubs. Once at this page, clicking our logo will take you back to the Heyday website. Clicking the “Buy from Heyday” button on another book will add it to your cart in IndiePubs. The cart will remember what books you’ve added to the cart even if you close either tab.

You can also add more items to your cart via navigating to the main IndiePubs page. Think of as a virtual catalog and IndiePubs as the actual storefront where you can purchase books!

Alternatively you can order a Heyday book and support an independent bookstore of your choice through by choosing “Buy from” on any book page on Heyday’s website. This will take you to the book’s page on For a detailed FAQ on ordering through, access their help page.

If you need assistance navigating our website, the IndiePubs storefront, or, please contact us at

If you have any questions related to delivery of member books, please contact

Promo Codes

Promo codes can be applied at checkout. 

If you are a Heyday member, this is where you’ll insert your member-specific promo code to get 30% off all books. For more information about our membership program, access our membership page.

General promo code questions can go to our sales department at

If you have questions or concerns about your order or something is wrong:

Heyday unfortunately cannot service issues with your order specifically since our distributor is actually handling it. You can contact for any questions you may have in terms of delivery time, fixing an order, credit card problems, and anything else. If you’d like further information about our website or our books, please contact us at

For a detailed FAQ about payment methods, returns, shipment tracking, please navigate to the IndiePubs FAQ.

Review Copies, Press Releases, Catalogs

If you are a book reviewer, radio or TV program director or producer, or event coordinator and would like to request a catalog, press release, or review copy of a book, please send a detailed email to Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and title.
  • Your organization/publication.
  • Your mailing address.
  • Your e-mail address and/or phone number.
  • The words “CATALOG,” “PRESS RELEASE,” or “REVIEW COPY” in the subject heading with the title you are requesting, and whether or not bound galleys or uncorrected proofs are acceptable (in the event that bound books are not yet available).
  • A brief description of your organization, if you have never contacted us before. Sending us a recent sample issue of your publication is often very helpful (address to: Heyday, Attn:MEDIA/PUBLICITY,  PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709).

To request an interview with an author, or with publisher Steve Wasserman, please email the request, including detailed contact information and the proposed venue and time, to

Heyday publishes texts in a wide variety of academic fields, and our books are frequently adopted for use in college and university courses.

Desk and Review Copy Policies
If you have adopted a Heyday title for course use, please submit your request for a complimentary desk copy on your school letterhead or from your school’s email address. Include all relevant course information, including professor’s name, expected enrollment, course title, when the course will be taught, title of the book requested, whether the book will be a required text, and an address where the book should be sent. You may submit your request via email to from your school address; alternatively, you may mail your request to the following address:

Attn: Text Adoptions
PO Box 9145
Berkeley, CA 94709

Hardcovers are not available for review copies.

Students with Disabilities
Heyday will provide books in alternative formats, if requested by an educational institution, to serve the needs of students with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. We will fulfill requests to the best of our abilities, although not all books may be available in alternative formats. Please address inquiries to You can also request a copy on Bookshare.

If you want to request permission to reprint or use text or images from our books, please click on the graphic below: