The Roundhouse Program

Heyday’s Berkeley Roundhouse program celebrates California’s diverse Indian cultures through our quarterly magazine, News from Native California, and books on Native life.

Since its origins, Heyday has kept California Indian peoples at the center of its work, beginning with the publication of The Ohlone Way by founder Malcolm Margolin in 1978 and the debut of the serial magazine News from Native California in 1987. Ten years ago, the Roundhouse program was developed within Heyday as a place to celebrate Indigenous storytelling and culture-keeping. It’s heartfelt, emotional, intelligent work, significant to California tribal nations and friends.

California Indian PublishingNews from Native California

California Indian Publishing

Heyday’s California Indian publishing program brings books by and about Native Californians to press. Award-winning and critically acclaimed, publications under the Roundhouse umbrella amplify the traditions, artwork, and insights of the West Coast’s first peoples. From tribal memoirs to children’s stories to cookbooks, these books preserve cherished knowledge and offer eye-opening perspective with integrity and deep respect.

Contributions from friends of Heyday and community organizations make the Roundhouse program possible. Tax-deductible gifts support specific projects and provide funding to support operating expenses for both Roundhouse books and the News from Native California quarterly.

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News from Native California

35 Years of Indigenous California Storytelling

A quarterly magazine connecting readers to the West Coast’s original voices, News from Native California publishes essays, news stories, poems, artwork, and tribal histories about and by Indigenous people. Informing and inspiring readers since 1987, this first-of-its-kind publication celebrates and honors the culture, heritage, and social justice work of Native Californians—past, present, and future.

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Issues ship quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Issues also sold singly.

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