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Praise for Our Member Books

“A revelation. Kaufmann educates and delights the reader simultaneously.”

MIKE SONKSEN, Entropy, on Obi Kaufmann, poet-painter and author of The Coasts of California

“Greg Sarris’s resonant memoir explores identities, heritages, and the legacies of places. […] The book details California’s troubled history of European conquest, Manifest Destiny, and the suppression and subversion of Indigenous ways of life. It laments that the state’s mystical, resourceful Indigenous cultures were invaded by Spanish rancheros in the 1800s, after which California’s environmental harmony began to suffer. […] Testifying to the impacts of people on the land, the powerful memoir Becoming Story lauds the power of language when it comes to leaving tracks for others to follow.”


The Cold Canyon Fire Journals is a celebration of a beauty that is larger than our comprehension. Our beloved world has burned and will burn again, Carlson tells us. But these pages offer a new way to relate to fire, kindling a respect for the natural world on its own terms. This is a book to cherish, to share, and to hold close when the skies once again darken with smoke.” 

KENDRA ATLEEWORK, author of Miracle Country

“Heaven to me is a long ride with Linda and Bill from Tucson into Mexico and down along the Rio Sonora. There’s deep beauty and mystery in these borderlands, and those two know how to take you there. When you’re with them, you listen and learn, laugh and get hungry, and then you eat. If we could have done it, [Feels Like Home: A Song for the Sonoran Borderlands] would have no words, just Linda’s voice, Bill’s photos, and plates of carne asada and frijoles and bottles of mescal bacanora.”

LAWRENCE DOWNES, editorial writer for the New York Times and co-author of Feels Like Home

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