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2023 Annual Report

2024 marks Heyday’s 50th anniversary. In all those years, we’ve never been beholden to corporate stakeholders telling us what to publish. The reason we’re able to take bold creative risks is simple. Your support and belief in the power of great literature make it possible.

You can learn more about our good work by taking a look at our 2023 Annual Report.

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Anonymous; Andree Abecassis; Doug Allshouse; Judy Avery; Suzanne Badenhoop and Guy Lampard; Clara Bingham; Joan Bingham; Edwin Blue; Bruce Goldsmith; Whitney Green; Daniel Grossman and Dr. Catherine Kennedy; L. John Harris; William R. Hearst, III; John Ptak and Margaret Black; Guy and Jeanine Saperstein; T.M. Scruggs; Jonathan Taplin; Katrina vanden Heuvel; Lucinda Watson; and Peter Booth Wiley.


Beatrice Bowles, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Santos Raoul Chacon; Don and Dale Franzen; Bonnie Jones, in memory of Michael Satris; Catherine Kanner; Zachary Karabell; Thomas Lockard and Alix Marduel; Judy Mistelske-Anklam and William Anklam; Susan Philpot; Alan Rosenus; Greg Sarris; Rose Soza War Soldier; and Steve Wax and Teresa Book.


Anonymous; Richard and Rickie Ann Baum; Joan Berman; John Briscoe; Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadt; Bonnie Brown; Lawrence Crooks; Bruce De Benedictis and Caroline Kim; Michael Dieden and Dana Gluckstein; Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne; Robert Estrin; Lizbeth Hasse; Adam and Arlie Hochschild; Berit Larsen, in memory of David Larsen; Judith Lowry-Croul and Brad Croul; Tomasita Medál; Karen and Tom Mulvaney, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; David L. Nelson; Sarah Newton, in memory of David S. Wilson; Frank Rubenfeld and Susan Meller; Deborah L. Sanchez; Michael and Shirley Traynor; Megan Vered; Al Wasserman and Ann Dragoon-Wasserman; Sherry Wasserman and Clayton F. Johnson; Alice Waters; and Mina Witteman.


Judith and Phillip Auth; John and Nancy Cassidy; Andrew Crystal and Jan Ruby-Crystal; H. Dwight Damon, in memory of Jim Houston; Nicola Gordon; Nathan and Carolina Grossman; Coke and James Hallowell; Anthony Heilbut; Nicholas Hoff; Michael Horn, in memory of Gary Horn; Brian J. Kenny; Stephen Kerford, in honor of Georgia Kerford; Theodore Lundberg; Tracy and Gary Mezzatesta; Joel and Katherine Philpot; Lyn Risling and Julian Lang; Ruth Rosen; Sonia Tamez and Kenneth Whistler; Jerry Terhune and Sandy Smith; and Dorothy Wolpert.


Anonymous (5); Stephen Abbors, in memory of Carlene McNerny Abbors; Anneliese Agren; Elizabeth Aguilar; Damon Akins; Douglas Allan; Lee and Ann Andersen; John Atwood, in memory of Jeanne Carevic; James and Rebecca Austin; Carroll Ballard and Christina Lüscher-Ballard; Kim Bancroft; Alice Bartholomew; John and Susie Becker; Claudia Lisa Beigel-Coryell; Roxane Beigel-Coryell; Mary Belardo; Robert and Susan Benedetti; Michael Bissell, in memory of Michael Satris; Theresa Blair; Joanne Blokker; Nadine and Stephen Bowlus; Winifred Breines; Suzanne Briley; Catherine Burns; Megan Burns; Margaret Butcher; Janet Byron; Heather Cameron; Fred Canillo and Lynn Webb; Mary Caris, in memory of John Caris; Terri A. Castaneda; Anne Chambers; Eunice Childs; Dana Christy; David F. Chu; Pamela Clark; Kathleen Clarke; Diana Cohn and Craig Merrilees, in honor of David Harris; Margaret Conkey; Steve Costa and Kate Levinson; Christina Crowley; Christine Dafforn; Kevin Davidson; Jeanette Davis; Sylvia de Trinidad and Andrew Young; Garrett and Kim Dempsey; Margaret Dragoon; Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz; Dr. Faith L. Duncan, in memory of Dennis Neill; Helen Dunlap; Art Eckstein and Judy Gumbo; Barbara Eisenstein; Eric Elliott; Marilee Enge and George Frost; Barbara Ertter; Wendy Esteras; Rita Evans and Andy Hrenyo; Bill Fabre; Cam Ferenbach; Bobbi Feyerabend; Genevieve Fong; Cheri Forrester and David Harris; Kiki Dow Freer-Parsons; J. Ruth Gendler; Paul Giblin, in honor of Jane Kramer, MD; Bruce Gilbert; Lisa Gimmy; Betty Goerke; David Lance Goines; Dr. Erica and Barry Goode; Monika Greenleaf; Claire Greensfelder; Wylie Greig; Rebecca Grossman and Joseph Mezzatesta; Sherrin Grout and Donn Marinovich; Genie Guerard; David Guggenhime; David Guhin; Charles Halpern; Bill Hamilton; Mary Ellen Hannibal; Arthur Hansen; Theresa Harlan; Joan Harper; Francine Hartman and Chris De Marco, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman; Kathlene Henry-Gorman; Kat High; James Hirst; Lindsay Holland, in memory of Levon, Richard, and Rick; Heidi Hopkins; Sheridan Hough; Michelle Inama; Ira Jacknis; Josh Jackson; Gordon Johnson; Jerald Johnson; Robert Johnson; Charles Kennard; Ann Kennedy; Charity Kenyon; Judy Kerber, in honor of Westland School; Tim Kittleson; Janice Klein; Richard Kletter; Rhonda Rios Kravitz and Stephen Wirtz; Rebecca Kugel and Lawrence Goldstein; Carol Lane; David Larsen; Joan Lentz; Melanie Loo, in honor of the Simmers; Susan Lynch; Julie Lytle; Derek Madden; Johnny Mah; Tom Majich; Susan Marchant; Malcolm and Rina Margolin; Dorothy Martinez-K; Joe Mathews; Pat McCabe; Michael McGowan; Joe Medeiros; Marty Meeden, in memory of Josephine A. Meeden, Charles P. Meeden, and Annie Meeden; Adina Merenlender; Jerry and Ellen Miller; Deborah Miranda; Juliane and James Monroe; Carlos Muñoz; Genevieve Nauman; Susan Newstead; Patricia O’Brien; Grace O’Malley; Joan Osterman; Kevin Patterson; Ned Pearlstein; Marsha Peralta; Robyn G. Peterson, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Elizabeth Pomeroy; Benjamin Porter; Mary and Adrian Praetzellis; Robert Price; Anna Pritt; Madeleine Provost, in memory of Jim Houston; Polly Quick; George Rehm and Holly Doyne; Felix Rigau; Barbara Risling, in memory of Katherine Wallace; Lennie and Mike Roberts; Rhonda Robles; Carla Rodriguez; Ben Rosen; Anne Rosenzweig; Peter Schrag and Patricia Ternahan; Richard Schwartz; Laura Scott Sellers; Tom and Marjorie Sennett; Susan Shea; Robert Sheehan; Diane and Roger Shott, in honor of Wendy Rockett; Cyn Sidore; Dan Silver; Tia Smirnoff; Ann King Smith; Raquel Smith; Spirit Matters; Jenepher Stowell; Toby Symington; Miye Takagi; Joe Talaugon; Chris Tarp; John and Carol Tateishi; Nancy Teichert; Tik Thurston; Sally and Frederic Tubach; William and Frances Tweed; Mitchell Varhula; Mary-Jo Wainwright; Fred White; Charles Wilkinson; Victoria K. Williams; Christy Wise; Charles Wollenberg; Emily Wright; Rosanna Xia; Doug Yamamoto; Linda Yellen; and Frank Zwart.

This list corresponds to contributions made in 2020 and 2021.

ACLU of Northern California; Amazon Literary Partnership; Another Planet Entertainment; Art for Justice Fund; Autodesk Foundation; The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley; The Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University; California Arts Council; California Humanities; California Native Plant Society; California State Library; The Campbell Foundation; Candelaria Fund; City of Berkeley Civic Arts Program; Creative Industry Law; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; The Ford Foundation; Furthermore: a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund; Walter & Elise Haas Fund; Hearst Corporation; Humboldt Area Foundation’s Native Cultures Fund; JKW Foundation; Keysight; Jonathan Logan Family Foundation; Matthew London and Sylvia Wen Gaia Fund; Milligan Family Charitable Fund; Moore Family Foundation; Quitiplas Foundation; San Francisco Heritage; San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; San Mateo County Parks Foundation; Save the Redwoods League; Sierra College Press; Tappan Foundation; Roger J. and Madeleine Traynor Foundation; and The Uplands Family Foundation.

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