Wild Sonoma: Exploring Nature in Wine Country

Wild Sonoma: Exploring Nature in Wine Country
Paperback, 6.5 x 9, over 150 full-color illustrations and photographs, 224 pages.
ISBN: 9781597145893.

By Charles Hood , Jeanne Wirka , John Muir Laws , Lynn Horowitz

Wild Sonoma celebrates the spectacular and resilient natural landscapes of Sonoma County, which along with its neighboring counties is one of the world’s premier wine growing regions. Our exploration launches with an entertaining primer on ecology basics, including the impact of fire, before a fun fact–filled survey of sixty-two of the area’s iconic and commonly encountered species—from vivacious acorn woodpeckers to disease-neutralizing Western fence lizards. It caps off with a tour of six sites to experience Sonoma’s diverse natural beauty, with a special emphasis on access. Written by Wild LA author Charles Hood, introduced by renowned naturalist Jane Goodall, and illustrated by John Muir Laws, Wild Sonoma offers residents and tourists from eight to eighty a sense of wonder and cause for hope.


"Earthy and balanced, smooth on the tongue, and with a buttery finish, Wild Sonoma is an appealing, opulent introduction to the natural wonders just beyond the tasting rooms and terraces of Northern California wine country." Foreword
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About the Authors

Charles Hood

Charles Hood

Charles Hood has studied birds and natural history from the Amazon to Tibet, and he has seen more than five thousand species of birds in the wild. A widely published poet, he has received numerous fellowships and writing awards and is the author of the Heyday collection A Salad Only the Devil Would Eat. His other Heyday titles include field guides to mammals and birds, and for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County he was the lead author and photographer for the book Wild LA.

Jeanne Wirka

Jeanne Wirka

Jeanne Wirka is an ecologist and nature writer with over twenty-five years of experience in conservation science, ecological restoration, and environmental education. Photo by Charles Hood.

John Muir Laws

John Muir Laws

John Muir Laws is a naturalist, educator, and artist with degrees in conservation and resource studies, wildlife biology, and scientific illustration. His books include The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling, and (with Emilie Lygren) How to Teach Nature Journaling, all published by Heyday. He is cofounder of the Wild Wonder Foundation, an organization encouraging nature connection through art and science. Visit his website at johnmuirlaws.com. (author photo by Jim Morris)

Lynn Horowitz

Lynn Horowitz

Lynn Horowitz is an avid hiker, certified California Naturalist, and longtime Sonoma County resident. Photo by Jeff Horowitz.

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