The California Sky Watcher: Understanding Weather Patterns and What Comes Next

The California Sky Watcher: Understanding Weather Patterns and What Comes Next
Paperback, 6 x 9, 368 pages
ISBN: 9781597146401.

By William A. Selby

Ride across California on the back of the wind and learn about the dramatic impact that seasonal weather and climate change have on the Golden State.

Often stereotyped as the land of unflaggingly perfect weather, California has a world-renowned reputation for sunny blue skies and infinitely even-keeled temperatures. But the real story of the state’s weather is vastly more complex. From the scorching heat of Death Valley to the coastal redwoods’ dripping in dew, California is home to a dizzying array of landscapes and bespoke weather patterns. In The California Sky Watcher, earth scientist William A. Selby takes readers on a journey through the seasons and across the state, exploring the atmospheric science that connects us all under our single sky dome. With more than 125 photographs, diagrams, and explanatory charts, Selby guides us through the grand cycles that govern the world we see, feel, and hear every day, from the cirrus clouds that swirl overhead to the breezes that beckon us outside. Unraveling the mysteries behind the state’s fog, floods, fires, droughts, and snowstorms, Selby shares his love affair with the sky and reveals what these changeable energies forecast for the future of California’s climate.


"Incredibly well-written and visually stunning. There's not a weather geek out there who won't want this book." Dennis Mersereau, author of The Skies Above
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About the Author

William A. Selby

William A. Selby

William A. Selby is an earth science researcher and teacher. A former professor at Santa Monica College, where he taught for three decades, Selby is the author of the popular textbook Rediscovering the Golden State: California Geography, whose fourth edition was published in 2019. He has conducted research on behalf of the National Weather Service, and he continues to present at professional conferences and lead teacher trainings and docent workshops. His academic and practical expertise within California’s myriad landscapes make him an invaluable guide to the developments that are changing California’s climate in the twenty-first century. He lives in Santa Monica, CA.

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