Heyday at Fifty: Selected Writings from Five Decades of Independent California Publishing

Heyday at Fifty: Selected Writings from Five Decades of Independent California Publishing
Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 336 pages
ISBN: 9781597146531.

By Emmerich Anklam , Gayle Wattawa , Steve Wasserman

A polyphonic celebration of a preeminent California publisher, featuring over 35 pieces drawn from across Heyday’s distinguished history.

Since its founding in 1974, Heyday—an independent nonprofit based in Berkeley—has published more than 500 books that have shaped California’s deepest, most abiding sense of itself. Heyday now gathers three dozen highlights drawn from half a century of distinguished publishing, featuring writing by the likes of Deborah A. Miranda, Gary Snyder, Jane Smiley, Linda Ronstadt, John Muir Laws, Obi Kaufmann, and founder Malcolm Margolin. Taken together, these pieces embody Heyday’s guiding ethos: to celebrate the natural wonders of the Golden State, to explore California’s vibrant arts and history, to amplify the voices of the West’s Indigenous peoples, and to foster civic engagement and social justice. Edited by Emmerich Anklam, and featuring an introduction by publisher Steve Wasserman and general manager Gayle Wattawa, Heyday at Fifty serves as a testament to Heyday’s preeminent place in California letters.

About the Authors

Emmerich Anklam

Emmerich Anklam

Emmerich Anklam is managing editor at Heyday, and he has been on the Heyday staff since 2015.

Gayle Wattawa

Gayle Wattawa

Gayle Wattawa, general manager and editorial director at Heyday, has been a Heyday staff member since 2004.

Steve Wasserman

Steve Wasserman

Steve Wasserman, raised in Berkeley and a graduate of Cal, is Heyday’s publisher. He is a former editor-at-large for Yale University Press and editorial director of Times Books/Random House and publisher of Hill & Wang and The Noonday Press at Farrar, Straus & Giroux. He has worked with many authors and published numerous books, including, most recently, Greil Marcus’s The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs, Martha Hodes’s Mourning Lincoln, David Thomson’s Why Acting Matters, and two posthumous volumes of the late critic Ralph J. Gleason’s musical and political writings. A founder of the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities at the University of Southern California, Wasserman was a principal architect of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books during the nine years he served as editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review (1996–2005). He began his career as an assistant editor to Warren Hinckle at Francis Ford Coppola’s City Magazine of San Franciscoand went on to become deputy editor of the Sunday Opinion section and Op-Ed Page of the Los Angeles Times (1978–1983) before becoming editor in chief of New Republic Books, based in Washington, D.C., and New York. He was also a partner in Kneerim & Williams, a Boston-based literary agency, and represented, among others, Robert Scheer, Christopher Hitchens, David Thomson, Linda Ronstadt, and Placido Domingo. He has written for many publications, including The Village VoiceThreepenny ReviewThe NationThe New RepublicThe American ConservativeThe ProgressiveColumbia Journalism ReviewLos Angeles Times, and the (London) Times Literary Supplement.   [Author photo credit: Dennis Anderson]

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