Flutes of Fire: An Introduction to Native California Languages, Revised and Updated

Flutes of Fire: An Introduction to Native California Languages, Revised and Updated
Paperback, 6 x 9, 304 pages.
ISBN: 9781597145664.

By Leanne Hinton

An essential book on California’s Indigenous languages, updated for the first time in over 25 years. 

Before outsiders arrived, about one hundred distinct Indigenous languages were spoken in California, and many of them are in use today. Since its original publication in 1994, Flutes of Fire has become one of the classic books about California’s many Native languages. It is written to be approachable, entertaining, and informative—useful for people doing language revitalization work in their own communities, for linguists, and for a general readership interested in California’s rich cultural heritage. With significant updates by the author, this is the first new edition of Flutes of Fire in over 25 years. New chapters highlight the exciting efforts of language activists in recent times, as well as contemporary writing in several of California’s Native languages. Both a practical guide and a joy to read, Flutes of Fire is an essential book for anyone who cares about the Indigenous languages of California and their flourishing for many generations to come. 

About the Author

Leanne Hinton

Leanne Hinton

Leanne Hinton is professor emerita at the University of California, Berkeley, and a founding member of the board of the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival. She has authored many articles and several books on language revitalization, including Flutes of Fire: Essays on California Indian LanguagesThe Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice (edited with Ken Hale); and How to Keep Your Language Alive: A Commonsense Approach to One-on-One Language Learning (with Matt Vera and Nancy Steele). She has worked with AICLS to develop and implement the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program and the Breath of Life Language Workshops, both of which have expanded throughout the US and internationally. In 2005 she received the Cultural Freedom Award from the Lannan Foundation for her work on the revitalization of endangered languages. Leanne lives in Berkeley, California, with her husband, Gary Scott, and delights in family time with their four children and seven grandchildren.

Author photo by Scott Braley.

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