the berkeley roundhouse

Heyday’s Berkeley Roundhouse program celebrates California’s diverse Indian cultures through our quarterly magazine,
News from Native California, and books on Native life.

Along with News from Native California, Heyday has published more than fifty books devoted to California Indian culture and history, we’ve sponsored hundreds of events, we’ve launched museum shows that have traveled the state, and we’ve partnered with tribal communities in a number of meaningful ways.

Over the years, we’ve helped preserve the cherished knowledge of an older generation, and we’ve done so with integrity and deep respect. At the same time, we’ve worked with a younger generation who are making places where tribal ways can thrive in the modern world. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited by what we may do in the years ahead. It’s heartfelt, emotional, intelligent work, significant not only to California tribal communities but to everyone else as well.

Heyday’s Roundhouse program is nourished by contributions from community organizations and individuals who support operating expenses and specific projects. We are grateful beyond words to our donors, subscribers, and advertisers whose generosity and trust have kept our Californian Indian publishing vibrant and relevant through these many years.